Right to Left: Adam Chorak (guitar), Pat Egan (singer, guitar), Pat Leonard (bass), Matt Thompsen (Drums)

Right to Left: Adam Chorak (guitar), Pat Egan (singer, guitar), Pat Leonard (bass), Matt Thompsen (Drums)


 The Band


Hailing from Chicago’s south suburbs, Pat Egan & The Heavy Hearts are a self described Hard Rock Americana band. Whether playing shows in basements packed shoulder-to-shoulder or strumming tunes at their neighborhood bar, the band emulates the classic rock & roll vibe and energy in both their songwriting and live shows. Pat Egan & The Heavy Hearts aim to create and perform music highlighting love, loss and loneliness through the characters and stories captured in their songs.


It all began in 2013, when Pat Egan started writing and performing his own raw acoustic songs. Drawing inspiration from counterculture songwriters such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen along with British invasion acts with likes of The Beatles and Rolling Stones. After opening up for bands on a couple of small tours across the Midwest, Egan realized he wanted to fill out the songs he had written with a rock and roll band.


Egan recruited the Heavy Hearts: drummer Matt Thompson, bassist Pat Leonard and guitarist Adam Chorak. All growing up on the Southside of Chicago, they connected and started playing immediately. The Heavy Hearts brought in hard rock grooves and guitar licks to Egan’s vulnerable soul and songwriting, introducing the sound of bands like KISS, Boston, and The Eagles. This balance of soulful,  heart on the sleeve storytelling americana , meets the fun rumble of hard guitar rock grounds Pat Egan & The Heavy Hearts on their sonic journey.

Though constantly bouncing from gig to gig, Pat Egan & The Heavy Hearts are currently recording new music for their forthcoming debut album at Chicago’s Treehouse Records Studio.

Rock & roll, baby!